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Whole Person Health – What Does It Mean?

Whole Person Health – What Does It Mean?

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry now for most of my life.  About 16 years ago  I really began diving into ways to improve my health without relying on drugs from pain meds or anti-depressents.  All quickly and easily given to you by most doctors.

When I realized that by changing my diet and exercise choices I could feel so much better, I wanted to share all that I had learned with others by completing my yoga teacher certification, Nutritional Counselor certification, Yoga Therapy as well as Ayurvedic Counseling certification.

Why then, as I worked with many clients over the years, was I only successful with some of them?  I began to ask more questions as to what else was going on in their lives and found out that I was missing a big part of the picture!
It was about this time that I received an email inviting all healers to participate in a program by Dr. Lissa Rankin and the Whole Health Medicine Institute which was a fabulous certification in understanding how we need to look at the whole person not just the symptom.  I realized that I was really no better than most doctors if all I did was ask about symptoms, give a few diet changes and exercises, and send them on their way.  I wasn’t seeing the whole person.
How is their home life?  Are they safe?
Are they stressed at their job or do they look forward to going into work?
Do they a lot of stress in their life due to finances or unhealthy relationships?
Are they lonely?
Do they have a spiritual practice?
Do they have great friends they trust?  A support system?
Where are they finding joy and passion?

Body Mind Soul Spirit Word Cloud Concept with great terms such as harmony, life, sleep, fit and more.

All these questions and more are so important when working with clients.  As a coach, we ask questions to help you find the answers when ever possible and mentor when needed.  We are here to hold you accountable for changes you have agreed to and we can be a sounding board as well.  As I have begun to incorporate all of these tools into my health and wellness practice, it has evolved over the years. Now, I offer a  whole and complete system to help those move towards a life of not only improved physical health but joy, passion and purpose. 
Yes, there is a certain amount of readiness that must occur.  Yes, it can be challenging.  Yes, there may be tears, frustration and even anger.  Yes, there is a light on the other side that makes all of it worth while.
The work I am honored to do with clients is humbling and incredibly meaningful.  The results are nothing short of awesome!   I feel blessed to do what I love and to help others achieve their dreams as well.

A quote from a client:  “I found Sara by chance last year through Groupon.   I had been feeling a hunger for change in my life and “life coaching” had popped up on the Groupon feed. I played with the thought of giving life coaching a try not knowing exactly what to expect. My words CAN NOT express the awakening I have experienced with Sara’s guidance. With all of the knowledge I have gained through her expertise, I feel confident in describing my journey as just that, a journey, nearing a peak (for me) only to be described as Utopia.  If you’ve got a feeling that there’s something more to life than what you’ve experienced, call her!  Do yourself a favor and at least inquire!”  Gina C.

Are you worth it?
Are you ready to live the life you’ve dreamed of or, at the very least, are you ready to move forward out of your current state and into new and exciting possibilities?

It is possible.  Believe it.  Believe in you.  I do!
If this is remotely interesting to you I offer a no obligation discovery session at no cost. I meet via skype, by phone or, if you are local to El Dorado County, I have an office in Placerville.
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