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What Is It You Want From Your Yoga Teacher?

What Is It You Want From Your Yoga Teacher?

I have now been involved with Yoga for over 17 years.  When I began, it was definitely about the benefits I found for reducing the pain in my low back.  Over time I began to see the amazing benefits it was providing in my daily life.  

The longer I dive into and practice these teachings, the greater affect it is having in my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.  

Any field of health and well being has many levels of expertise.  Whether it is athletic coaches, holistic health practitioners or life coaches.  Yoga teachers are no different.  Some teachers were certified in a weekend course where others, such as myself, have chosen to do much more in depth studies over the years.  We continuously take workshops and trainings to learn and grow and bring back that knowledge to our students and clients.  We choose to make Yoga a lifestyle, not just as our source of income, but in our daily lives in the choices we make.  We spend $10,000 – $20,000 or more in our education.  

One teacher I have studied with is a world renowned teacher – Rod Stryker.  In the past few years I have noticed that he is passionate about sharing the bigger picture of Yoga and has been speaking openly and honestly about what he sees is going on with the industry.  From the fashionable clothing lines to the practice being purely an exercise class and he wants others to know that that was never it’s intention.

I guess that is what I want to share here.  There is nothing wrong with it being about a good stretch.  However, what is it you truly want from your yoga practice and your teacher?  Do you want more than that?  Are you willing to pay for a teacher with years of experience, education and knowledge that can help you at a deeper level than your hamstrings?  A teacher who practices what they teach?  

Why should I look for an experienced teacher and be willing to pay more and what are those benefits you might ask?  Here are just a few:
1. Better sleep
2. Reduced stress
3. General sense of peace or calm.
4. A greater sense of self worth.
5. Reduction in your pain.
6. A sense of empowerment over your life.
7. A greater confidence in your inner teacher or guru.
8. An ability to move through challenges in life with more ease.
9. A deep personal spiritual practice.
10. Self love.
11. Non-judgement of others and yourself.
12. A deeper connection to your purpose or dharma in life.
13. An acceptance of all beings.
14. A practice that goes with you where ever you are and what ever you are doing.
15. A willingness to be vulnerable and true to yourself.
16. An acknowledgement that we are all One.

Begin to take a look at your intentions for doing Yoga.  If it’s about finding more ease in your body than that’s great.  There are plenty of teachers who can provide that.  If you are wanting to dive in a little deeper, then begin to look for teachers that provide that.  Ask about their credentials.  Begin to observe how they live their lives.  Are their values and choices in alignment with yours?  Ask yourself what it’s all worth to you and know that if you want to go deeper in this work that your are worth it!




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  1. Sara,
    That is a wonderful list. I can feel the truth about each one. Yoga for me has definitely allowed me to touch on all those areas. The willingness to be vulnerable and true to myself has brought so much peace in my life and yes, a good stretch is a great release. Thanks for being my teacher. Karen

  2. I agree with all the attributes of your yoga classes.
    Two hours ago there was a fire very close by, and very windy here. Because of the fire here in the 70’s I have a 10” list and if there’s time, a 30” list.
    The first thing that went in the car was my home yoga mat! That’s how important the practice is to me.
    Thanks to Cal Fire, the 2 Borade planes, helicopter and so many men on the ground, we are safe!! And my car is ful😅

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