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Two Questions That Could Change Your Life

Two Questions That Could Change Your Life

I see it often.  A client sit’s down with me and they share what’s going on from the standpoint of “trying to figure it out”. They are living in their heads.  We all do it.  It’s hard not to. We have the idea we can think our way out of a certain situation, or we can figure it out. How is that working for you?  Do you find your answers with ease?  Is your life flowing?  Or is there struggle, uncertainty and doubt?

I’d like to share an exercise shared with me many years ago that has really changed my life and has been a part of leading me on the path I am on today. Now, I ask these two questions of almost every client.

Take a moment to sit quietly with your breath and relax.  Then, ask your self two questions:

  1. What does your life feel like right now?  Notice I said feel.  This questions isn’t asking for specifics.  Do you feel at peace? Are you feeling excited for your life? Do you feel balanced, energized and joyful?  Maybe you feel anxious, chaotic, unstable, stuck, exhausted, scared or out of control? Take a moment to be honest with yourself.  You don’t have to do anything about it. Just recognize the truth of what you currently feel.
  2. What would you like your life to feel like? Free, peaceful, exciting,  balanced, playful, calm?  Notice I did not ask for specifics.  This is not about where you want to live, the type of job you want to have or about relationships.  Truly sit in your heart and allow yourself to be brutally honest with yourself as to what you want your life to feel like.

Allow this information to sink in.  You don’t need to take any actions to change anything if you don’t want to. 

Each day take time to sit with how you want your life to feel.

 Notice how the physical body responds. Does your heart rate slow down? What sensations occur as you take a few minutes to just be?

Sometimes this is all it takes to create shifts in our lives that serve us.  Sometimes we need a little more help.  This is where my passion lies. 

To empower women to listen to their inner wisdom so that they may step into the life that
they imagine is possible. 

Can you allow life to unfold in ways that create what you want to feel?  Do you need some guidance or support?    

Let’s just chat and see where you are and where you would like to go.  


May you allow the mind to bow to the wisdom within your heart.



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