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Three Ways To Strengthen Your Self Worth

Three Ways to Strengthen Your Self Worth

What happens from the time we are born to adulthood that creates the issues we see today with low self esteem?  There isn’t just one reason.  How we were raised, what happened in school, not only from peers but teachers, and challenges in our job can all affect our confidence and belief in ourselves and the world around us.  How can we change that?

Sometimes it can take years to believe in ourselves again and other times it can just be a few simple steps that we commit to daily that can begin to erode away the doubt and regain our worth.  Here are a few suggestions to try:

1) Make yourself a non-negotialbe on your calendar.  I share this with my clients a lot.  I ask them to commit to self care, they put it on their calendar but then cancel themselves when something else comes up.  Understandable when it’s a family emergency.  Other than that, the appointment you made with yourself needs to be set in stone.  When you make and stick to something you were going to do for YOU you are saying to yourself that you are just as important as everyone else you take care of. The more consistent you are the easier it becomes. Stop cancelling on yourself!

2) Take time for you each day. Now that you have made an appointment with yourself, what are you going to do with it?  What would create balance in your life? What do you love to do that you don’t make time for anymore? It doesn’t have to be the same thing each day, just carve out a little moment every day to take care of you.  Sit with a cup of tea, take a hot bath, get a massage, begin a meditation practice, go to the gym, have lunch with a close friend.  Know that you are worth taking time for you!

3) Stop looking outside yourself for approval. I remember hearing a statement one day that goes like this; it’s none of your business what anyone thinks of you.  Isn’t that great? Read it again if you need to.  We are so programmed to care what others think of us.  Don’t waste your time.  Be true to you and you will attract into your life those that do the same, creating authenticity and ease in your life. Lift the weight you have placed on your shoulders that creates constant worry about others opinions.

Do your best, don’t worry about what others think and remember that you are worth your time.  If you don’t take care of YOU, who will?

Sara Valentine


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