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Why Things Are Better Than They Seem

Why Things Are Better Than They Seem

Are you like me and looking around at the world and wondering what on earth is going on?  What can we do about it?  Nothing? Something?  Maybe we are already and just don’t know it!

While I was in Bozeman, MT teaching a class on the importance of digestion I also met with the fabulous collaborators of YogaMotion Academy.  We had an inspirational day of brainstorming and to begin our time together we watched a motivational video on the difference we are all making in the world.  You and I ARE making a difference even if we don’t see it.

If I choose to pay too close attention to what is going in our own country, let alone the world, it feels quite daunting.  Where do I start?  How on earth can I create the change I wish to see?  I’m only one person. And it’s not happening fast enough if there is change occuring! Don’t you feel that way sometimes?

I think what is important to remember is that we need to be an example of the change we wish to see.  If we want more love in the world than we need to be love.  If we want more acceptance from and with others than we also need to accept ourselves.  If we want peace in the world it starts with us.  It’s not about pointing fingers.

I want to share this video, as I believe it is a powerful example of exactly what is happening right now and how we are a part of creating the change we wish to see.  I know that I will watch this video anytime time I feel like nothing matters anymore or the feeling of “why bother”.  Don’t you have the moments?

I hope that it will inspire you to keep your head high, keep your hopes up and keep on moving forward in all the great work you are doing in the world!

Live, Love and Laugh Often!




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