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Stop The Shaming. Bring The Love!

Stop The Shaming. Bring The Love!

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It’s been a challenging few months to say the least.  If you’ve been on social media at all, it’s been downright ugly.  For those of you who have not yet dove into Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site – you’re lucky.  You haven’t been a victim of shaming, judgement, hatred, anger or attacks on your character. 

We have always been divided on many subjects in this country.  Whether it’s how to raise our children, our medical system or our political system, there are many, many ideas as to how we can do it better.  Social media has amplified the ability for us to share our viewpoints on various subjects.  What is amazing to me is the backlash someone receives because their viewpoints are different then ours.  

I’m finding myself on Facebook less and less for several reasons.  One is that much of what we see online we don’t know if it’s true or a story someone has made up. The other reason, is that I have never seen so much shaming, attacking, blaming and judging.  It is SO ugly. 

Many of the circles I travel in are caring conscious people yet even they have been caught up in all of it.  I see so many comments about the hatred going on in the world and yet that same person turns around and makes a comment that is mean and judgemental.  How is that any different?  How is that ok? 

I think we all need to take a step back and look as to whether or not we are part of the problem ourselves.  Most of my Facebook page has been about sharing positive messages and sharing posts from others who also want to bring love into the world.  But now I’m even seeing comments from some on social media shaming those of us who wish to express love and peace, that it’s ignorant or “putting our head’s in the sand”. How is shaming us for spreading love and acceptance any better than those out there shaming someone who wears a hijab?  It’s not! 

I hope those of you who also want to share this message in the world are not discouraged by those who think we are wasting our time or aren’t being realistic.  It does make a difference and no one will ever convince me otherwise. 
More anger, shaming and judgement does not eliminate shame and judgement.
If I thought is was a waste of time to continue to bring the message of love and peace into the world I would have a very difficult time remaining here on this earth.  This is what we all need to be doing.  It’s what Gandhi shared, Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama and many others. Everyday we have an opportunity in our community, in our homes and with our friends and family to be in a space of love, peace and acceptance.  It starts with each of us.  I will not give up peace and I will not allow others to discourage me in this quest.  Will you join me?

Be the light. Be the change.  No one else is going to do it for you.
Sara Valentine




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