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The Power Of Asking Questions

The Power Of Asking Questions

We all had our favorite teachers growing up.  Do you remember some of yours?  What was it about those particular teachers?  For me, it was the teachers that encouraged asking questions, that no question was ever to dumb or obvious to ask.  They enjoyed our curiosity and desire to learn. They made you feel that your voice was important.
Then there were the many teachers that just wanted  you to be quiet, listen to all they had to say and not question anything.  I never looked forward to those classes.

Today, I find myself encouraging students to ask questions during yoga class as way to gain insight and clarity for themselves as well as for others.  There is always someone else in the class who will benefit.
I’m asking questions of my clients all the time.  Encouraging them to find the answers inside themselves which takes the ability to be quiet and listen.

The important aspect of asking questions is to listen….listen for the answer.  This has become a great challenge today. Most of us are too impatient to wait for an answer.   I challenge you to ask, without the need to say more – just simply listen.  It’s a gift to give this to another and to yourself.

The best way I know to put this into practice is to ask questions not to another person but instead to the Universe, God, Higher Power, Divine Source – what ever term you are most comfortable with.  Ask questions and then listen.  The answers may or may not come for hours, weeks, months or even years.  Are you patient enough to continue to ask and listen?  How much do we miss because we aren’t patient enough to wait? Can you sit comfortably in the unknown?

Here are some questions you may consider asking:                    
What I am to learn from this current challenge in my life?
How may I best share my gifts with the world?
What’s next?
How can I heal?
How may I serve?
Why am I here?
Who Am I?

One of my favorite questions my husband and I ask one another is “How does it get any better than this?”  Then listen.  In other words, if we ask the questions as if the current situation is the best ever then we just limited the Universe from showing us more.

You might ask these or any other question when you go to bed each night, at the beginning of your yoga practice or seated meditation.  Once you ask, let go.  Listen.  Be patient.  Keep an open mind and be surprised.

Om shanti,






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