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The Perils Of Purpose Work

The Perils Of Purpose Work

Have you noticed that purpose work is the “new thing” out there?  Here are a few of the messages being shared:
If we dislike our job – it’s because you haven’t found our purpose.
If we are sad or unhappy – it’s because we haven’t found our purpose yet.
If you aren’t making money at what you do – it’s because you aren’t living your purpose.
And the best one of all – if you have cancer it’s because you aren’t living your life with purpose.
I think it was the last statement that really got me!

In my line of work as a Women’s Wellness and Lifestyle Coach I see many people who are unhappy.  I used to buy into all the above statements and I myself have been on a constant journey of finding my purpose – buying into all the marketing around it.
I’ve learned a lot and have a general idea of what it is but I kept wanting more.  Diving deeper into more books, videos and articles on how to live your purpose.  I kept hoping that one of them might have the perfect solution and then it hit me!
As I was buying into all that, I was telling myself that my life, as it is, just isn’t enough.  THAT is a big realization for me.
Maybe it’s the messages out there that are creating the discontent?

All those messages, and many I haven’t mentioned, all lead us to believe that we are meant to do something BIG with this one precious life we’ve been giving and if it’s not making a huge impact that we aren’t doing enough.  And here comes that message again: You aren’t enough as you are.  There must be more.

What if we are all feeling less then because of the above messages? What if how we are living our lives is enough for now?
Getting up each day to smile at a stranger, show up for work, stay at home and raise our children, cook a healthy homemade dinner, lunch with a friend, curl up on the sofa and read a book – what if we could feel like any one of those things was our purpose that day and have that be enough?  What would happen if we could ignore those messages of constantly striving for more and have the moment be what it is and know we are doing all we need to that day?

I’ve always had this feeling that I’m not living out my purpose to it’s full potential, yet lost as to how it supposed to express itself in a bigger way.  If I let go of what I see in the media then maybe I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now.
I like my life being simple and uncomplicated.  I’m realizing that I am blessed to have the gift of time on my hands that most people don’t.  It has always been my goal to keep my life balanced and to have time to be there for a friend, cook healthy meals, take time for my daily practice, to take a call from one of my daughters and just sit down and listen instead of multi-tasking and time with my husband. Maybe there doesn’t need to be more.  If I let go of the messages then I can take each day as it comes and know that that’s enough.  Letting go of the need to do more. Be more.

What would happen if you enjoyed each day as it showed up?  Let go of the need to do and be more and found contentment in the moment? How would it feel to truly know in your heart that you are doing your best each day?  Believe it!

Enjoy the little things as they all add up in the end to one big wonderful life!

Om shanti, shanti, shanti,





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  1. The world would have us believe we are always supposed to be striving and going, going, going. A lot of people are living non-stop lives, and passing on that legacy to their children. It is so vital to get quiet and go within. Only there do we find peace & hopefully the answers we are searching for. I am so grateful for a simple cup of tea & quiet.

  2. Yes I agree too, love this pearl of thought provoking perspective/wisdom. I’m currently purging my home of, “stuff ” unnecessary un meaningful things. It feels so good and freeing to reclaim some simplicity however so little for now but continually growing back.

  3. This message is powerful and inspiring…..and just what I needed to read. I have been in a constant struggle for the past two years since I left my job where I felt “important”…….felt like I was doing something that “mattered. I am guilty of feeling “less than” as opposed to feeling whole and complete “just as I am”.

    Thanks so much for giving an affirming voice to what I know to be true.

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