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Pay Now Or Pay Later?

Pay Now or Pay Later?

stop waisting time later or now postpone or hold off decision and delay or protract action the sooner the better to act now no next

We have all had those moments in our lives when something needs to be repaired or changed and due to the cost we decide to postpone or attempt a temporary fix to get by until we can afford it.

Several years ago I moved to the town I live in now and I was in the midst of building my business again so money was definitely tight.  Each time I went to the dentist for a cleaning I would postpone the x-rays because I didn’t want to pay the money.  Now, due to an infection that went un-diagnosed for many years in an old root canal I have to have the tooth extracted and I’m looking at an implant or bridge.  Very expensive!

I often see clients who have waited for years to come in and begin to work with me and make healthy changes.  They didn’t want to pay the money for a wellness coach but now they are looking at the possibility of surgery, prescription drugs to manage pain or worse yet, the loss of their job due to medical issues not dealt with sooner. Instead of working with me for a month or two they are looking at a year or longer!

Ayurveda speaks so much about balance.  The word balance is something we hear a lot right now and some say it’s overused.  I say it can’t be stressed enough.   The choices we make every day either help to keep our mind/body type in or out of balance.  This includes the food we eat, the type of exercise we choose, the job we have, the climate we live in and of course the amount of stress we have in our lives. The longer we wait to learn about how to create balance in our lives the more challenges we face with our health and well being.

We can pay now and get support on healthy choices, empower ourselves with the knowledge of how to do so and transform our lives.  Or, we can keep postponing it until symptoms become too much to bare and head down the road of drugs, surgery or even disability.

If I’d had those x-rays sooner could I have prevented the removal of a tooth?  Maybe – maybe it was simply a failed root canal and I was heading down this road no matter what.  My intuition tells me otherwise.  If I could do it again I would have chosen to not postpone them and been more proactive.  Hind site is always 20/20.

Are you ready to make your health and well being a priority?


Recommended reading:  This is a fabulous book with many ideas on to create rest and renewal in our lives therefore creating balance.


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  1. So true, not putting things off!
    My ” gut feeling” is my intuition and it’s usually right and I’ve learned to listen. When I haven’t I regret it.
    Wishing you well tomorrow, knowing the outcome will be really positive. Wouldn’t that be amazing if this was related to your hip pain?
    I’m on light rail at the moment going to the train station, catching a ride to Santa Clara. Hope the strawberries for the kids survive the trip!
    Happy Days,

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