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Part Three: Clarity And Courage

Part Three: Clarity and Courage

In part one I shared with you how I overcame my depression by changing my diet as I knew there had to be another way other than drugs and in part two I shared with you how I helped to reduce the pain in my low back from two bulging disks through yoga because I knew there had to be another way other than drugs and surgery. That wasn’t the end of my journey however.  As my back forced me to slow down due to the pain, I began to look seriously at my life.  What was I doing?  Who am I?  What is it I want from my life?  I knew that where I was wasn’t it. I was deeply unhappy and was worried that maybe it was my depression coming back.

As I began to dive into the studies of yoga and teacher training I began to feel more and more myself.  I developed a confidence that I never had even through all my success as a world class swimmer.                          I also began to admit to myself how unhappy I was in my marriage and my life.  I knew that I needed to figure out what was going on and be honest with those around me.  I decided to go on my first yoga retreat away from my family to Costa Rica to figure things out away from my daily life.

While high up in the rain forest, listening to the howler monkeys, watching the toucans fly through the trees and unplugging from the world for a while, it’s hard not to have some pretty powerful experiences.   Spending 10 days in such a beautiful and amazing place can really help you to discover inside of yourself a strength and depth to who you are.

 I had a huge flair up with my back that created painful sciatica down my leg.  I wasn’t able to participate in the yoga classes in the morning and could barley walk.  At this retreat, there was a wonderful woman who was a cranial sacral practitioner.  She offered to treat me and while we were working together she said “I feel that you carry the whole world on your shoulders”.  I completely broke down and I knew that I had to be honest with my husband how I was feeling when I got home.  My sciatica was gone.

If you have ever been to a retreat you probably know that the instructors will tell you that you don’t want to rush home and share what happened. Give it some time. Your family/friends were not there and no matter how well you articulate what happened they can’t understand. Great advice – maybe I should have taken it.

It was all so powerful I just had to tell my husband at the time.  That was a mistake.  He had no idea what I was talking about.  I couldn’t help him understand what I had experienced nor what I was feeling. As far as he was concerned I had everything.  Huge beautiful 5000 sq foot home, life in a wealthy mountain town and a husband providing for me (although never home). What more could I want.  I realized then, that as I discovered who I was and what my priorities were, we were going down very different paths with different priorities.       I was so scared.  I knew my marriage was ending and I didn’t know what I was going to do.

As scared as I was I also knew that asking me to step off this path of Yoga and alternative health was like asking me to stop breathing.   I had never felt so at home in my own skin.  These teachings helped me get through a divorce and eventually move back to my home state of CA.  As I began to settle in, I continued to teach and was fortunate enough to realize that here in the foothills I had access to an experienced Ayurvedic herbalist.  These studies began to solidify everything for me and I was able to put together a complete system of health and healing with the two disciplines of Yoga and Ayurveda.

For 17 years now I have been able to share these teachings not only in my Yoga classes but with my clients.  If I was to describe what I do as a coach I would have to say the following: I empower women, who are ready for alternative health choices, to create abundant well-being through the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda.  I have seen first hand what this combination can do.  Together they help with sleep issues, anxiety, joint pain, depression, digestive issues, fatigue, self worth and more.

These two ancient teachings help all layers of our being from our bodies to the mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves.  It is my passion to help other women find success in their health, both physically and emotionally, through these teachings.  I know how they are helping me to live my life to the fullest and I love helping others do the same.

I hope you have enjoyed my journey as much as I have enjoyed sharing it.  Bottom line is that its your journey and you can do it on your own if you want to, however, it can be infinitely more powerful when you share it with someone. If you know there must be another way and if you are ready to empower yourself with alternative health choices lets chat.
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  1. Powerfully honest and very well written. Transformation stories are my fav. Thanks 4 sharing your experience. I probably logged a couple hours on the same ball machine.

    FYI Michele’s mother died unexpectedly in her home in Redwood City2 weeks ago. Michele is executor and we’ve been there a lot of late. .. (I did the service!)
    Gotta sell a house now. Market is insane down there.

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