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Let’s Feel Our Way Into 2018!

Let’s Feel Our Way Into 2018!

I think for the most part we are catching on that resolutions don’t work.  The percentage of failed resolutions is much higher than successful ones.  If resolutions work for you each year then keep it going. If they haven’t, then here is another suggestion to try.

During the end of of my last yoga class for 2017 I brought the students in to a seated visualization and asked them to tap into what they would like this new year to feel like.  I asked them to not go into any specifics like losing 10 lbs, buy their first house, get a job with a certain company etc.  Instead, go into your heart and ask what you would like your life to FEEL like.

For some people it’s easier to connect with what they don’t want first.  For example, someone might know that they don’t want this upcoming year to feel stressful.  What does stressful feel like to you?  What would the opposite feel like to you?  Peaceful?  Now define peaceful.  Where do you feel that in your body?  How might that look in your day to day life?  Flowing, easeful, calm?  Keep going in and in with this.  Notice that I didn’t go into specifics.

If you do want to lose weight, why?  What is your motivation?  What do suppose it might feel like to lose weight?  Confident? Increased energy? Light?

If you want to make more money tap into why?  What do you suppose that would feel like to have more money?  Is money the only way you would feel like that?  What if there are other means that show up and provide the same feeling?

Questions like these allow us to get into what we are truly seeking, what our hearts desire and our deeper inspiration for our lives. As you hone in on exactly what you want your year to feel like, you have a compass of sorts to guide you in the choices you make throughout the year.  If you want your year to feel peaceful continue to refine what that feels like to you and then allow each choice you make be alignment with feeling peaceful.  Be surprised as to what shows up for you and be willing to give it a try.


Getting out of our heads and into our hearts is a very vulnerable AND powerful way to live our lives.  Are you willing to give it a try?



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  1. Sara, thank you for this post. With losing my husband this past week, I have done my best to find and focus on having peace in my heart. My hope is that peace can fill the fractures in my heart.

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