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Is Organic All The It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Is Organic All The It’s Cracked Up To Be?

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In my work with clients I often am asked if organic is really necessary.  Or, I have clients tell me that they read somewhere that it’s not that big of a deal – just wash all veggies and fruits. Or, most often, I hear that it’s just too expensive to eat organic.

I came across a video few months ago and when I saw it re-posted by a friend I knew that this is what I wanted to share this week with all of you.  I’ve tried to embed it but it won’t allow so I will explain it a bit here.

A family in Sweden was asked if they would be willing to go strictly Organic for 2 weeks.  They are a family of 5 and their main reason for not eating organic is that they said it’s too expensive.  Their urine was tested at the start of the two weeks and showed high amounts of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.  They cleaned out ALL the food in the house and replaced it with organic veggies, fruit, meats, culinary herbs and even snack items.  After two weeks there was almost no traces of any chemicals in their urine!

I will tell you that my most expensive bill every month is my food – by far! It’s worth every penny to know that I am not eating pesticides, supporting my local farmer when ever possible and supporting the earth we all live on.  No, I don’t have a lot income for “the extra’s” in life like an extended vacation in the tropics but I figure I won’t even been able to take that vacation without my health anyway.   My motto is we can either pay now or pay later and later is ALWAYS more expensive for all the doctor’s visits,medical treatments, prescription meds, loss of work and more.

What are you willing to change this week to go more organic?



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