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Is Anyone Listening Out There?

Is Anyone Listening Out There?

I attended a wonderful gathering of conscious souls this past Friday night.  It was a pleasure to be in a room where people had questions, others shared their thoughts and everyone felt heard.  Truly heard. To listen to another as they shared with an open mind and find acceptance if they didn’t have the same view point.

As I look around today I see a lot of people who want to be heard.  But it is more than that. They want to be understood.  Where things go downhill is they want the other person to agree with them and when they don’t, it becomes a landslide. (I think we have enough landslides going on in CA right now!)

As we are a country divided, I’m beginning to see many people out there sharing the same thought:  Can we just hear each other. Truly listen with an open mind.  Can we create dialog with another, instead of attacking, with a sincere effort to understand where the other person is coming from.  And if we can’t, can it be ok to have a different opinion.

Most of the time we are sharing a conversation with someone we can’t wait to throw in our opinion or judgement.  We are no longer listening as we have something we want to say.  I am guilty of this as much as anybody.  What I thought I might share in this blog today is a tool that my husband uses with the organization he is a part of called The Mankind Project.  If you are unfamiliar with their work you can check out their web site HERE.
This is a tool they use often in their various gatherings that I think is very useful for all of us to consider more than ever today.

                                                                            Levels of Listening
I am not listening to you at all.  I am doing all the talking.

0     I am barely listening, merely waiting for you to stop talking so that I can speak my opinions.
1     I am intent of what you are saying but I am listening though the filter of my own feelings, judgments and charges.
2     I am unattached, empathetic and “over there” with you in a place of curiosity.

Be honest with yourself and notice which level you listen at most frequently.  Where would you be willing to make some improvements?

If you have anything to add or share I’d love to hear from you!




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  1. Sara, you might be interested in the comment by “Heather” to a recent New York Times article, and the replies to her. My reply is the 22nd one down. I hadn’t seen any other replies when I wrote mine, but upon seeing them I was surprised so many people were metaphorically jumping down her throat. She seemed genuinely bewildered to have lost friends after the election, and I wanted to give her a little space to think, and also to express an interest in what she had to say. Anyway, the link is here:

    (You probably won’t be able to read it on your phone, as the comment.reply thread seems only to appear on a large screen – Pad, tablet,laptop, desktop).

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