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Finding Ease In Not Knowing

Finding Ease In Not Knowing

Spring has sprung!  I love this time of year when everything begins to wake up, emerge and literally blossom.  The plants are waking up to their full potential.  I’ve noticed over the last few years that I feel this sense of blossoming myself each Spring. 
This year is different though.  I have the same feelings of excitement as the seasons shift but this Spring I am uncertain as to who is emerging.

The plants have it easy in some way.  The seed that is in the dark earth, when given the right nutrients, water and temperature will automatically become the plant they were always meant to be.  I hear this analogy and it makes me wonder… I emerging into who I am meant to be?  Am I feeding myself the exact nutrients I need to blossom into my authentic self? I’ve been pondering this for quite some time.  I have been frustrated at times and impatient with not knowing the answer.  After the last few weeks of much contemplation I am beginning to reach a place of being at peace with not knowing the answer.  To allow life to unfold day by day and trust. 

What am I trusting? 
I trust that each day I am following my intuition to make the choices that are for my highest good in each moment and those I interact with each day.
I trust that the Universe always “has my back” and is conspiring in my favor.
I trust my friends and family in my life.

For now that is enough.

“It is far more important to be content with what is actually happening than to get upset over what might be happening but isn’t.”  John Heider




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