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An (Extra) Ordinary Day

An (Extra) Ordinary Day

I hear the sound of the flute gently waking me up right as the sun is rising.  I allow myself to linger for 15 minutes snuggling with my husband in appreciation of him and all he brings to my life.

I am reluctant to move but there is a cold wet nose that also knows the sounds of the flute means it’s time to greet the day! Time to piddle, get breakfast and then the stare down for a walk.  The walk will have to wait today buddy.

I take a moment each morning to sit in gratitude for this day and all that my life contains. Enjoying my one precious cup of coffee before entering my sacred space each and every morning of yoga and meditation.  My practice has become a non-negotiable in my life.  At first it was a struggle to make this commitment.  Now, it is truly a gift I look forward to every day.

As I invite my body onto my mat and begin to move I am able to check in with myself as to who is entering the day.  Am I tired?  Do I feel stiff? How is my back doing today? Can it handle yard work later? Where are my thoughts?  Am I present?

Taking a seat, I become still.  Listening to my breath, repeating my mantra and dropping into a deep state of non-doing.  I appreciate this moment.  Some days it’s 5 minutes.  Other days it’s 20.  It is what it is.  I know that no matter the length of time I am always grateful to have gone there.

I now feel prepared to teach my class.  I am grounded so that I am present for the students.
I have nourished my soul so I may nourish others.  Making breakfast I nourish my body and I am now ready to be there for others.

Having taught for 17 years, I no longer come with an agenda of what I want to teach.  I know I will be guided towards what is for the highest good of the students that show up for class.  I am there to serve.  I see their bodies respond, their minds begin to quiet and hearts open to themselves, their day and to others.  The guidance was accurate again. I am always so grateful for the opportunity to share.

I am blessed to work from home.  Each day as I work with my clients, some in person and some via Skype, I am amazed at the progress they make each week and support them in these changes I offer through the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda.  I see the trickle-down effect as the people in their lives are affected by the growth that has occurred.

When I become convinced I am not enough or that I am not doing enough is just when a client or student will share a story about how I have changed their lives. I had no idea.  I am convinced that the Universe sent them to me to remind me of the work I am doing.  However small it may seem they remind me I am enough.  I am making a difference.  I breath again.

I wind down my day with a healthy home cooked meal with my husband.  We share our day, our thoughts and our hearts. 
A time to leave the world behind and connect with one another.  We have promised to never take one another for granted.  Each and every day we try to make sure to let the other know how much we appreciate one other.

How many of us think we aren’t enough?  We aren’t doing enough. We aren’t making enough of a difference. Do our lives mean anything in the big scheme of things?  Take a moment to look at an ordinary day in your life and notice the lives you touch by just being you.  By showing up each day for yourself and others.  Notice just how extraordinary you are just as you are!

I am grateful every day for the opportunities that are shown to me whether it is a personal growth challenge or an opportunity to change a life.  I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti,









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