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The Energy That Moves Us

The Energy That Moves Us

This past week I have been observing people.  Not really people but their energy.  At least I’m trying!

I mentioned in my last post about going to see Don Miguel Ruiz and his sons speak.  I was obviously moved by them as I am still contemplating much of what they talked about.  We are often inspired when we see a show, hear a good talk or read a great book.  Then a month or even just a few days later we go on with our lives and forget about what was shared.  Or we put it on the back burner for “when we have time”. All the fabulous information is still inside us but integrating new information can take some practice, persistence and time.  Precious time.  What better time is there than right now?

Don Miguel Sr. spoke about all living things being just energy. Now I’ve been studying the teaching of Yoga for 16 years.  This is not a new concept by any means.  How often do I truly put it into the forefront of my awareness though?  Almost never.  There are many ways we connect with others.  It may be through like minded thinking, similar interests, the workplace, yoga class etc.  But when we’re going about our daily lives at the grocery store, pumping gas, taking a walk along a local trail or driving in our cars do we see others as energy or are we in a constant state of assessing, judging and critiquing.  I know that many of us would like to believe we don’t do that but I beg to differ.  Begin to pay attention to where your thoughts go when you see someone with blue hair, piercings or tattoos all over their body, are homeless, loud, driving crazy, cutting in line, yelling at their kids, smoking or rude.  We ALL do it.  What if instead we realized we are all truly the SAME energy.

These past two weeks I have been practicing seeing all beings as just energy.  Energy that is propelling us through our day.  It doesn’t matter what someone is wearing, saying or doing.  When I can clear all my opinions it is incredibly freeing.  I honestly don’t have any words other then that.  All of sudden I don’t waste any time or my personal energy on thoughts that honestly aren’t any of my business.  If I can see people just as they are – energy – the rest falls away.  I have found myself engaging in wonderful conversations with people I may never have. We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have in this world. 

Try this out this week.  Begin to notice everyone as just energy.  Yes – they make different choices than us.  So what. When we can all begin to truly make time for this practice until it is our nature to just be with one another and release all thoughts, opinions, judgements or criticism what an amazing place this could be.  Then we can honor the result of the Fifth Agreement – Love ourselves and others unconditionally just as we/they are.




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  1. Thank you Sara for your reading!
    I Love the message and it does make life so much more enjoyable to just see everything as energy🌹
    In Joy, Jill

  2. Truly life changing way of thinking …sometimes catching myself with electronic wristband LOL! …doing my best and finding peace … ❤️

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