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Cycles And Rhythms

Cycles and Rhythms


Maeve - Cycles and Rhythms

Maeve – Cycles and Rhythms

Slowly but surely I am meditating more regularly.  Often I will complete my seated practice with a reading from “Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue and it never ceases to amaze me how accurate the message is and this morning was no different.  Maeve (a Celtic Goddess) Cycles and Rhythms. Positive affirmation: “Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels and emotions.”  Couldn’t be more appropriate for what I’ve been observing and thinking a lot about these days.

If we look around us we can see the rhythms and cycles of nature through the seasons.  We see cycles and rhythms with all living things as they are born, grow and pass on.  Each day has it’s own cycles and rhythms in a 24 hour period and we too, as human beings, have cycles and rhythms in our day, month, year and lifetime.  Here is some of what the message Maeve had for me today:  “All of life is cyclical: The moon, the stars and the very universe. Life inhales and then exhales again. So why should you be surprised or upset that you too have cycles?”  Great question.

As I go through each day I have expectations that I should make the most of every day.  When I have a day when I’m feeling tired, I find myself frustrated that my energy is low.  “What’s wrong with me?” is the usual question.  I would like to think that I honor where I am at each and every day but it’s a work in progress to find an acceptance that today is different than yesterday.  Today I have more energy, less energy, I’m sore, I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m frustrated or excited.  Just as I ask my students to check in with themselves and discover who has arrived on the mat we can do the same thing in our daily life.  As we wake up each morning; “who is beginning the day?”  Listen for the answer and honor that person.

As I’ve been observing the cycles of life, I’ve noticed a common “theme” happening to yoga teachers; exhaustion and even burn out.  So many teachers travel extensively to promote themselves and to teach what they are most passionate about.  However, many are noticing that they aren’t taking care of themselves as much as they need to nor do they have time to pause and listen.  Listen to their students, listen to what the world needs now, listen to their own hearts, bodies and minds.  How may I take care of myself first then others?  There is a great article addressing this in Yoga Journal this month where several very well known teachers are taking a sabbatical for several months to honor their exhaustion and find their own cycles and rhythms again.  To push the pause button.  My own teacher and friend is doing just that this summer as she honors her own need to shift and change to once again find her own rhythms in her personal and professional life.  I’m finding that I’m inadvertently creating that for myself this summer as I listen and observe my business, practice and personal life.  I didn’t realize that is what I was doing until I pulled that goddess card and began reflecting. 

When we take time to slow down and pay attention we can begin to create a life that honors the cycles and rhythms in and around us.  When we do this we have so much more to give back to life. 

Where are you willing to stop for a bit and listen within to your own cycles and rhythms?  Are there some shifts you are willing to make right now that would enable you to do just that?  Are their different choices you could make that may help you to honor who is showing up today?  Please share your thoughts.


If you are interested in any of Doreen Virtues cards here are a few links.




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  1. This hit home with me! I expect great energy every single day and when it does’nt happen I think something is wrong. I’ve been realizing after two very fun 4 day trips that I’m good for nothing for 2 days, so extremely tired. I don’t like this feeling trying to push myself to do things. Reminds me of the days/weeks following a throidectomy-blah!
    It’s not all the fun I have on these trips, it’s the sitting getting to and fro. So from now on I’ll walk car to car on the train and stop often in the car, stretch and take a brisk walk. That should do it!. I want to enjoy every day I have on this Earth.

  2. Had a lovely, lazy weekend and really enjoyed it. It is nice to have nothing on the agenda and play a few days by ear. I find if I push too hard for too long I get sick. Then I am forces to rest….but not the fun kind. I too am used to lots of energy and getting lots done in a day. I am finding that my garden is a way for me to slow down. I can sit and enjoy the water, the wind chimes and the hummingbirds, and not have to do anything. It is a lovely meditation for me.

  3. Oh my goodness Sara this yes speaks right to my heart and as you said it is a daily work in practice but actually I want to change the word work, change my attitude it’s not work it….I haven’t figured it out yet but work doesn’t fit, doesn’t feel right. It’s a freeing of choice, it’s keeping those things concepts that don’t serve us in check and in there compartmentalized places. Being aware of them in the recognizing them but not letting them dominantly take over or flow in! This is going to be a daily/weekly read for me, thank you.

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