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Creating A Cup Of Tea In Your Yoga Practice

Creating A Cup Of Tea In Your Yoga Practice

Pouring Herbal Tea

Quite often I share a reading in my classes, either in the beginning or at the end after Savasana.  They are meant to inspire and to also see how we may take these teachings off of our mats.

In my class this morning I read from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.  It tends to be a favorite with my students.  In it, he shares about the beautiful process and all the steps it takes to make a cup of tea from choosing the plant, drying the leaves, boiling the water, allowing it to steep, straining the tea and then finally sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I realized how much a yoga class can be like making that cup of tea if we are mindful enough.  We first need to check in with who has arrived on the mat today so we know what kind of tea to brew.  Are we tired, stressed, happy, angry, anxious, peaceful or sad?  How may the practice serve us in that moment?  Once we have identified that then we begin to gradually and mindfully brew our tea through the choices we make throughout the class so that each one nurtures, heals and brings us into balance.

After the tea is done brewing (the main body of the yoga class) we then get to enjoy that tea while in Savasana.  The moment where we savor all the hard work.  As we come up out of Savasana and take a few minutes to meditate at the end of class we allow ourselves a moment to check in again and see how the type of tea we brewed served us.

The next time you attend a yoga class maybe play around with this analogy and see how it works for you.  Bringing mindfulness such as this onto our mats is a large part of the practice so we can then do the same with the choices we make for ourselves throughout our day.

May each choice you make today be in alignment with right thought, right speech and right action towards yourself and all those you interact with.

If you are interested in The Book Of Awakening:

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