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Why Hire A Wellness and Lifestyle Coach?

The simple answer to that question is that you are ready to make effective changes in your life and are ready to take that next step with the right tools, support and encouragement all along the way.

Hiring a coach can help provide the structure and accountability you need to realize your strengths and stay on track. At the same time, a coach will help you uncover the areas that need a little more attention in your life.

Coaching isn’t a quick fix but instead an investment in yourself over time. It can help you find confidence, clarity and support you in learning to work with your strengths.

Are you ready to move forward in your life with passion, excitement and a deep sense of purpose as to who you are?

“So plastic is mind, so receptive, that the slightest thought makes an impression upon it. People who think many kinds of thought must expect to receive a confused manifestation in their lives. If a gardener plants a thousand kinds of seeds, he will get a thousand kinds of plants: it is the same in mind.” — Dr. Ernest Holmes

We each have a unique seed ready to germinate into its most beautiful expression in the world and with the right nourishment, support and encouragement we can share our gifts and talents and help to create a better world for us all to live in.

Sara really cares about her clients and students. Whether Sara is leading a gentle Yoga class or consulting on health and wellness, she gives it her all. I have known and worked with Sara for over eight years and if you are looking for support in getting healthy and feeling good about yourself, she is the one to see.

Sara is not one of those "Boot Camp" "One size fits all" types. She will meet you right where you are and design a program that is specific to your needs.

If you are ready to live authentically, have more peace in your heart and be inspired then you are in the right place!

Sara is available in person, Skype or phone call.


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