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How Can We Be More Like Nature?

How Can We Be More Like Nature?

There is something about gardening.  Although my back may not allow me to do as much as I used to, I still find so much enjoyment in playing in the dirt!  Each time I start a plant from a little seed and watch how it grows to be all that it was meant to be, it never ceases to remind me of the seed that is inside all of us waiting to express it’s own beauty and truth.

Mother nature is an amazing example of allowing our own unique expression to shine forth with unwavering confidence and our own special flavor.  When a seed is given the right nourishment, care and attention it grows to be exactly what it was meant to be and does so unapologetically.  

We, on the other hand, really struggle with this.  Many people today are confused and unclear as to who they are, or are afraid of not being accepted if we really allow our individuality to come forth.  How can we be more like Mother Nature?  How can we discover our unique expression? How do we nourish and care for that expression and not feel shame, doubt or fear? 

These last two weeks I’ve been pondering these questions quite a bit as I watch the leaves change to all the amazing colors of deep orange, vibrant red or bright yellow.  They don’t question themselves.  They know, without a doubt, who they are and what color they are meant to express.  Each plant knows it’s time to to get ready for winter to rest and replenish.

I think the best place to answer some of these questions is to ask yourself:

 “What do you LOVE to do?” I mean really love! 

Time goes by and you were so lost and absorbed in the task at hand you can’t believe hours have flown by.  When doing this thing you love you really don’t care about what anyone else thinks.  You  are doing and speaking from someplace greater than you.

I was asked this question a couple of weeks ago on day 1 of a 5 day course I decided to participate in.  I’ve been asked this before, but something was different this time.  Something really clicked.  I was so moved by that question on the fist day that I have yet to finish the rest of the course!  Being able to clearly answer this question has truly shifted my coaching/life perspective. It has given me more courage and strength in my own voice and what I am here to share in the world.
I guess it was just a timing thing. We hear the messages when we are ready.

There is no doubt that the physical body is important to take care of but what I have noticed is that without the confidence of who we are in the world and what we are meant to express, creating healthy changes can be more challenging then they need to be. 

I had a big AH HA moment when this really clicked into my brain.  It’s time to do what I really love!

Yes – the yoga poses help keep my back healthy and yes nutrition helps my gut/brain relationship, but there has been something bigger than those things that have brought me back to my mat and to my practice day after day for the last 18 years.  There is SO MUCH MORE that I have gained from Yoga than learning the poses and it is the SO MUCH MORE that I absolutely love to teach and share. 

My new WHY(Dharma) that infuses all I do and all my interaction with others:
It is my passion to inspire and empower women to tune-in to the wisdom within so that they may live their lives with confidence (as to who they are), clarity (as to their unique expression), and courage (to follow through and live it).

Finding our WHY in this lifetime is what most are seeking.  And then once we have our WHY it is paramount to find the courage to live it when others try to have be someone else.  This reminds me of a prayer I have shared over the years in class: 
“My hopes, wishes and prayers are: that you, who work so hard to keep it all together to be spiritual, creative, healthy, loving, kind and compassionate, find a place to be nourished.
That you give yourselves permission to let it all down; old stories of judgement, blame, fear and to look inward with love and acceptance so that you can see your own beauty, your divine nature and in turn see it in others.
That my words and the words I gather, inspire and encourage you, whether you are contemplating a leap of faith, are mid-air terrified, or simply overwhelmed with the real life challenges of trying to live your truth in a culture that wants you to get in line. For the ability to offer the support and resources needed to walk thru loss, to find the blessings in grief and to emerge with new wings.
That by sharing my truth, you begin to share your own and attract into your life the kind of authenticity and interrelatedness that heals and strengthens and has the potential to heal our world.”  (Author unknown)

Maybe now I will finish the rest of the class 🙂



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  1. Hi Sara,
    It is in the stillness that I most connect with nature. A simple breath, an open ear, eyes wide open to the beauty that is present everyday. The simplicity of surrender to what is. And as you have said , that can be enough. The poem brought tears to my ears. Thanks for sharing. Karen Ryan

  2. God grant me the wisdom to stop and ask WHY.
    It’s hard to set aside that which we deem not in line with our mission.
    In the current era of over-stimulation, it’s so easy to get distracted. So many shiny things.
    I have, on average, about one mission statement per hour… more in the morning less at night.
    I have a house-full and also a computer-full of partially completed projects.. all very important… yet somehow incomplete.
    Hardest thing 4 me is saying “This is no longer important,” which often translates to “this was never important,” and by implication: “you wasted your precious time and attention on something bogus.”
    The sunk cost economic theory tells us not to double down on these lapses of judgement, (or “shifts of interest” if U prefer.)
    Buts it’s hard to view our passion projects objectivly.
    Getting back to your Djarma question… Not much can slow down my manic thinking so I try to recognize and honor that which so captivated my thinking that time stands still. Tolle tells us that there’s ecstasy in that timelessness… that it’s some kind of portal to enlightenment … I think ol’ Ekardt may be on to something there. 🌝
    But every project I can lose myself in has huge pieces which are the opposite, requiring time-stretching, head-down, sore butt work that makes minutes seem like hours.
    I need to spend three days in the library this afternoon. ⏰📆🌅🙏🤔

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