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Authentic, Real, Vulnerable And Imperfect

Authentic, Real, Vulnerable and Imperfect

Authenticity * Being Real * Vulnerability * Imperfection

We are beginning to see these words used quite a bit whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, or any other social media site you may be on.  But what do they mean exactly?  What do you feel when you read those words? What are your thoughts?

I began this blog a few years ago.  At times I find something to write rather easy.  Other weeks I feel like I am forcing it.  Trying to find something to share.  When I have chosen to share personal stories, struggles and challenges I receive the most interest or comments.  I believe we are all seeking information out there that is real.  Sharing that makes us realize our humanity, our joys and our sadness to feel connected.  As we look around there is a lot of pretending.  Trying to be someone we are not.  Dress for approval. Say just the right things.  Present ourselves a certain way.  We are all guilty of it. How do you feel when you have spent time with someone who is willing to be vulnerable?  Willing to be honest?  Willing to just be themselves in that moment no matter what emotions come up or what information they choose to divulge? 

Personally I am craving that in my life.  As I look around as to what is grabbing my attention right now it is about noticing those who are willing to put themselves “out there” just as they are.  Less then “perfect”.  Emotions flowing.  Videography that isn’t staged perfectly. Writing that is just honest and real. When we spend time in the energies of those who are truly authentic we feel safe and it gives us permission to do the same. I crave honest and open conversations from the heart. Not contrived or forced.  I want to know what makes your heart sing.  What you love to do.  What you’re passionate about.  Your dreams.  Your values.  What’s important to you. What are learning about right now.  What are you afraid of.

My blog may be a little more sporadic in these next few months as I work on my authentic voice as a writer.  Just calling myself a writer the inner critic starts to scream, ‘You’re not a writer, who are you kidding?”  The voice is rather loud and I am working on quieting her.  To allow myself to be less then perfect and share from my heart.  To share what ever comes up for me and trust there is always someone else who could hear that message too. A willingness to be vulnerable, less then perfect, honest and real.  Talk about topics that may be controversial or unpopular.  To just be me.  

My intentions for writing are about sharing my thoughts, my heart and information that may help others find what creates authenticity in their life.  Health and well being. To Empower. To let people know that they are enough just as they are.  That they are not alone in what they are feeling.  To create ease for all of us to be be ourselves in a world that wants us to fit into a nice neat little box. 

I don’t know what all this will look like in the end but I do know I am excited to find out.  As I dive deeper into my authentic self as a yoga teacher, it is my desire to do the same with writing.  Here we go!

Om shanti, shanti, shanti,






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