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Are Your Stories Serving You?

Do you believe that existence is chaotic or purposeful? Is there a natural order or is everything random and out of our control?  What is your story? Your belief?

Jonathan Gottschall says that “we are trying to impose the order of story structure on the chaos of existence.”  As he shares in his TED Talk, he believes that we create stories to help us deal with the chaos of the world. Do you agree?

We all have our stories. The story of how we were born, of how we were raised, our favorite teacher in school, the bullies on the playground, the mean boss at work, the manipulative co-worker, the spouse who betrayed us.  I could go on and on……

Have you ever paid attention to the stories you tell yourself over and over again?  How are they serving you?

If I was to believe that the word overall is chaotic and stories help to make sense of it then that is my story. Is that serving me? If so, how?  If I believe that there is a purpose to everything then that is my story.  Is that serving me?  If so, how?

This is quite a bit of my work I do with clients.  Yes, I am a health and wellness coach but I help them to see how many of their stories/beliefs are holding them back from truly living the life they desire.  Once we move through the limiting beliefs the changes become so much easier.

What are the stories we believe about ourselves, our life, our health and well-being?  Are we victims to genetics and feel there is nothing we can do to change it?  Then that’s our story. Do we believe making healthy changes is hard? Then that is our story. Do we believe life is hard? Then that’s our story.

If we become aware of them though we can then create the change we wish to see.

As long as we believe in the stories we tell ourselves that no longer serve us we are stuck.  Change we seek cannot happen.  If we are willing to take a look at our stories (our outdated belief systems) then change can occur.  Are you ready to change the stories that are no longer serving you?







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