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Are You Curious?

Are You Curious?


More and more we are coming across people in our lives or close friends that either have or know of someone diagnosed with some form of cognitive dysfunction.  What is causing this?

Recent studies have shown that brain elasticity (inquisitive mind)  is the best offense against diminishing brain capacity.
There is no doubt that diet does play a role, like reducing or eliminating sugar and processed foods, as many studies are beginning to show.  However, another area of study has been to observe those who are curious.  These people embrace new ways of looking at the same situation, are always asking another question to learn more, taking up new hobbies and expanding their knowledge in a current area of interest.

If you attend yoga classes on a regular basis and have for years, do you find yourself always in the same pose the same way?  Are you ever curious about how placing your hand slightly different may affect it? Do you practice putting your attention on a different body part while in the pose? If you always begin your practice in a seated meditation how would it be to do your meditation in the end of your practice? If you always place your mat in the same space each week would you be willing to move to a different part of the room?  It’s amazing what happens when you try any of these suggestions.
The other day in yoga we played around with this idea.  I asked my students to be curious.  Open their minds and shift a few things like close their fingers a little if they always have them spread wide, take a narrower stance in some of the standing poses, try a different placement or expression in the upper body and it really created a fun energy together.

Where might you become more curious in your own life?  Maybe drive a new way home.  Notice three things when you walk into work on Monday that you have never noticed before. If you were to ask your friends or family any question what would it be? What’s one country you want to visit in your life time and why? Is there an online class you have interest in taking? When is the last time you explored a TED talk?
To live a curious life means to continue growing, learning, expanding, opening and playing.  Begin to look at where boredom has set in your life and how you might become more curious  and shift it.

What ways are you curious?  What ways might you be stuck? Where are you continuing to learn and grow? I look forward to hearing from you.

Be curious!
Sara Valentine Holistic Health
Carmil Surritt Life Coach




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